Internship - Privileged Access Workstation on Azure

Cloud administration has high risks, as this involves using high privilege accounts and those literally hold the keys to the crown jewels. A method to lower risk is conducting cloud administration from a privileged access workstation (PAW).  It's your challenge to work out a Privileged Access Workstation Solution on the Microsoft Azure platforms that fits the needs of our customers and meets our security criteria. 

Skills required:

  • Knowledge of the Azure Cloud platform
  • Notion of the Microsoft cloud adoption framework, landing zones and a hub/spoke network architecture
  • Capable of  automate solutions and defining Infrastructure as Code
  • Notion of monitoring, alerting and reporting

We are looking for an intern with a can-do attitude, likes to investigate/learn and who questions each taken decision with security in mind. 

The intern will be responsible for:

  • Designing the solution on the Azure platform
  • Look into hardening the privileged access workstations
  • Define solution monitoring and which alerts should be raised towards a Security Office Center (SOC)
  • Automate the deployment of the solution
    • Compose Bicep Infrastructure as Code
    • Configuration Scripts
  • Documentation of the solution

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