Optimising the installation & update process of MacOS Software

The Mac has never been more popular than it is today. There has been an unprecedented increase in the onboarding of Mac devices in organizations, including our own. We are continually looking for better ways to optimise the process of installing and updating macOS GUI and CLI applications. 


At The Collective, we offer an intern the option to research and put together a cloud-based solution that will (1) make installing and updating macOS software easier and (2) will provide greater insights into the current state of installed software, whilst (3) maintaining the system integrity and security of macOS devices.

Required Skills:

·         Basic to moderate knowledge of the workings of macOS

·         Types of macOS Software installations

·         Software Packaging

·         Configuring Software Preferences

·         macOS Security Mechanisms

·         Be familiar with the macOS CLI and CLI tools

·         Basic to moderate hands-on experience with Microsoft Intune (or similar MDM systems)


We are looking for an intern who is interested in Mobile Device Management (in particular: Microsoft Intune), Device Security, and macOS devices. The intern will be responsible for:

·         Researching various solutions that improve the installation and update experience of macOS software for businesses / enterprises

·         Proposing a plan to the stakeholders 

·         Putting together a cloud-based solution to managing macOS software that works with Microsoft Intune

·         Configuring the solution(s) in a test environment

·         Providing a working proof-of-concept

·         Writing documentation (pertaining to the solution)

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