About us

Your guide to a highly secure IT environment

Why should you keep looking for a solution on your own when you can count on the knowledge of experts? This question formed the basis for The Collective in 2018, a group of professionals, each with extensive expertise in a particular area of IT. Today, we stand together with our team to assist numerous companies in their quest for increased IT security, relying on the foundation provided by Microsoft’s cloud platforms.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people

Steve Jobs

Why The Collective

All-in for IT-security

In front of the pack

We are not a collective of followers, but of frontrunners. Leading the way, we are always the first to know about innovations from Microsoft, which enables our clients to have sustainable and future-proof technologies at their disposal more quickly.

Intelligently in charge

We are not only frontrunners today, but we are determined to stay in charge tomorrow, by constantly expanding our knowledge to stay ahead of those with less good intentions.

Incredible individuals

The people within The Collective are top-notch, not only on a professional level, but also in terms of their personality. The level of mutual appreciation is therefore enormous, both for what our people achieve and for who they are!

Instantly accessible

When working with customers, we feel just as responsible as if it were for our own company. We fully understand and act on the urgency to solve problems. That is why we choose to be personally reachable, rather than having to go through various systems or shared mailboxes.

Infusing knowledge

What good is knowledge if you can’t or won’t share it? That’s why we make it our mission, e.g. through The Hive or writing books, to spread our expertise to others, and thus help create more secure IT environments in companies.

Intentionally honest

One of our principles is that we are honest in what we offer, which implies that we will never offer you what you don’t need. Rather than making you dependent on us, we present you with the solutions that will allow you to go your own way.

Only for the Brave

Only the brave dare to go where no one has ever been before. Only the brave find the strength to move forward. Only the brave find the opportunity to change.

At The Collective we are brave to challenge you to a new way of working, to shift the business towards a better security posture. And it will take bravery to walk the path alongside us. But only the brave will create the new future.

Our salmons

Meet the team

Michael Van Horenbeeck



  • Cloud Security & Compliance
  • Identity Management
  • Messaging
  • Collaboration


Johan Delimon



Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Certified Solutions Master.

Sven Mattheus



Solution-driven and pragmatic. Focus on Modern Endpoint Management

Timmy Luts



People person, problem solver

Glenn Van Rymenant

Microsoft 365 Consultant


Problem-solver, possessor of a critical and analytical mindset, devout advocate of the KISS-principle, eager, cheerful

Thijs Lecomte

Microsoft 365 Consultant


Security focused Modern Workplace Consultant with a strong passion for automation.

Tim Hermie

Microsoft 365 Consultant


Techie, people person, passionate, customer centric

Dries Verschaeve

Microsoft 365 Consultant


Cloud savvy, driven, passionate

Louis Mastelinck

Security Consultant


Detective, creative thinker, breaking things down in order to fix them

Arne Braeckman

Customer Success Manager


Customer centric, people person, solution thinker

Olivier Vanheste

Microsoft 365 Developer & Data Analyst


Data-driven, customer centric, people-person

Sander Bougrine

Jr. Security Consultant

Berkant Kucuksolak

Jr. Ms 365 Consultant