Secure Authentication with hardware tokens and FIDO USB keys

The identity has become the new security perimeter; through it you can access resources, leverage systems, collaborate, communicate, etc. As such, properly validating credentials, and thus one’s identity becomes the cornerstone of a successful security strategy.

Hardware Tokens

Although most users today have smartphones that allow them to perform multi factor authentication, this does not necessarily eliminate all of the security risks immediately, as a user may inadvertently grant access to a hacker's request without acknowledging it.

FIDO2 (USB) Keys

Despite the benefits of multi-factor authentication (MFA), whenever a password is sent over the wire, there is a risk of compromise. A future whereby passwords are completely obsolete is still far, but the first steps need to be taken now.


Whether it is for your highly-privileged accounts, some of your key users, or just for everyone: we can support you with the necessary FIDO2 hardware solutions to provide a flexible and secure way to further lock down the authentication process.