Guiding forward-

thinking companies

to a highly secure

IT environment

Guiding forward-thinking

companies to a highly secure

IT environment

The Collective is a highly-skilled Microsoft Partner with expertise in security, compliance, endpoint management, messaging, and Microsoft Teams voice and meetings.


Cybersecurity anno 2022: an inconvenient truth.

There is no question that, with everything that is going on in the world right now, cybersecurity is a topic on everyone’s mind. Whether it’s part of (digital) warfare or everyday business, the need to protect your environment and assets has never been more important.

All-in for IT-security!

The Collective has a fine set of values, which enables us to stand out from competitors time and time again.

  1. In front (of the pack)
    Faster than competitors.
  2. Intelligently in charge
    Frontrunners today, determined to stay in charge tomorrow.
  3. Incredible individuals
    Top notch, both in business and in person.
  4. Instantly accessible
    Approachable and committed.
  5. Infusing knowledge
    Sharing expertise.
  6. Intentionally honest
    Brave enough to be uncommercial

Don’t follow the stream,
but go for the source!

The Collective Insights

The must-have service-level configurations for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

When auditing Microsoft 365 Defender environments, I notice the service-level configuration for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) is often overlooked. Each tenant has a specific set of parameters that can be configured to update the behavior and feature set of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. In this article, I will walk through some of the elements that are worth enabling and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Mitigating CVE-2022-29072 (7-zip) with MEM

Just last week, a new vulnerability was identified in the 7-zip application with ID ‘CVE-2022-29072’. This vulnerability allows for local privilege escalation due to a misconfiguration of the 7z.dll file. By exploiting this vulnerability, a user can receive local administrator privileges on an endpoint.

The Collective is ISO 27001 certified

The Collective has officially been awarded with the ISO 27001 certificate. This globally recognized award confirms our hard work, passion for and expertise in the field of information security.