Managed Detection & Response fueled by Microsoft

From our Belgian Security Operation Center (SOC), we use Microsoft’s latest innovations in security, automation, and artificial intelligence to monitor your environment, detect and respond to threats, and help you to continuously improve your overall security posture.

The road to security success

Extend your capabilities


We believe that a Managed Security Service Provider should not just be an external party, but, more importantly, an extension of your own team. By working closely together, we can leverage the strengths and capabilities of both parties: our technical knowledge combined with the insights about the setup, environment, history, business processes and requirements that only your employees can have. By acting as a single team, we achieve more!


Step 1: Assess & Protect

Every journey towards a more secure environment begins with assessing your current situation. Based on that security status, we create a roadmap and help implement and tweak solutions needed to 1) improve your security and 2) fuel our Security Operations Center.


Step 2: Detect & Respond

Our Security Operations Center keeps an eye on your environment and will act accordingly whenever a threat is detected.


Step 3: Review

Using the information provided by our SOC, we continuously evaluate your security status and recommend changes to improve the overall security of your environment.


Step 4: Improve

With the data gathered from our assessments, we will help you tweak your environment to ensure maximum protection. Together, we'll develop new use cases (playbooks) to address emerging threats and increase visibility to risks and vulnerabilities.

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Malicious actors don’t keep a nine-to-five schedule and are continuously trying to find new ways to breach through one’s security. Although Microsoft is responsible for securing their datacenters and services within, a customer is still responsible for securing their own environment.  Having the right reading as well as the right partners can be helpful. Read all about how to address security issues in and through the cloud!