How to uniformly manage a wide variety of devices?

Given the proliferation of devices and software, the management thereof poses significant challenges for many companies. Regardless of the type and operating system, The Collective will guide you to a modern and flexible approach, based on solutions put forward by Microsoft: Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune and Configuration Manager). 

All for one, one for all

A unified approach, no matter the variety of devices


Long gone are the days that we leveraged only a single corporate device. Today, users want to be flexible and use a mix of mobile and more traditional devices such as laptops to perform their jobs. With numerous vendors and devices, it can quickly become a challenge to provide a unified approach, safeguard information and maintain a consistent user experience.

With Microsoft Endpoint Manager, we bring together the different platforms and the management thereof so you can keep control without limiting your users in their choice of platform or device.

Enabling security through modern Device Management

Gain insights on how to face threats and challenges


A compromised endpoint provides near instant access to valuable company data. Keeping endpoints up-to-date, delivering the business applications, and keeping the user productive on their device, all whilst enforcing the necessary security measures creates various challenges for IT departments.

We’ll show you how to leverage MEM and TVM to provide more meaningful insights that help you face modern-day threats and challenges.

Virtual Desktops with Microsoft Virtual Desktop and Windows 365

How to develop, build and secure a hybrid and virtual workplace strategy


Whether you are looking to further secure remote access, enable users to work from virtually anywhere regardless of the (type of) device, all without jeopardizing security, virtual desktops provide both a cost-effective and flexible solution.

Using both Microsoft Virtual Desktop and Windows 365, we help you develop, build and secure a hybrid and virtual workplace strategy.