The finest in performance and design: meet Microsoft’s Surface devices!

At The Collective, we consider only the best good enough. Beautiful and stylish Surface devices, designed to work perfectly with Windows 10/11 and Microsoft 365, are an excellent choice for your staff, allowing them to be productive in a secure way anywhere, anytime.

Pretty on the Surface, powerful and secure underneath

  • A device for all
    The range of Microsoft Surface devices covers a wide variety of devices, small to large, from tablet-style to a more traditional laptop. Whether you're on the road, in need of lots of power, or looking for a day-to-day companion, there's a Surface device for everyone.
  • Secured with and through Windows 10/11
    Make the most of the advanced features for a flexible and secure experience.
  • Benefit from Windows Hello
    Sign in without a password without compromising your security.
  • Hassle-free implementation through Autopilot
    Needless to say, Microsoft's own devices work perfectly with Autopilot, which ensures that the implementation experience - even within large organizations - will be effortless.

Here's how to benefit from
Microsoft Surface devices