The smartest move for your on-premises data center

Microsoft Azure is more than just a replacement for your on-premises data center. It's an opportunity to drive innovation and create smarter solutions. Based on modern management paradigms like infrastructure-as-a-code (DevOps), business analytics to IoT, we relieve you of day-to-day activities so you can focus on what matters most: Striving for top performance in your business activities!

Cloud control for Azure

Take control of your Azure Cloud environment


With Cloud Control for Azure, we provide a platform and service, designed to make keeping control of your Azure Cloud environment easier. This includes Update management, backup, Azure monitoring and security.

Addressing patch management challenges

The challenges of maintaining a consistent patch management strategy


Despite spending on security having grown to 150 billion USD in 2021, known vulnerabilities and unpatched systems still account for about 60% of the breaches. Given the multitude of systems and platforms to maintain, designing, deploying, maintaining and executing a consistent patch management strategy isn’t easy. Our service takes away the burden by taking care of that for you: we keep track of your configure and ensure updates are deployed as they become available.

Protect, Detect, Respond, but also: RECOVER

How to ensure data availability when needed?


Backups are still important as they provide means to access and restore important information, even if information has become unavailable after an incident. Implementing a successful backup strategy is one thing: ensuring that data is available when you need it most another. Our service takes care of that for you: we help you design, implement, maintain and monitor your backups. Securely, in and through Microsoft Azure.

We breathe security in all that we do

Providing a solid & secure foundation


From the start, we set a strong focus on all things security including elements such as security policies and standards, security architecture, compliance management, security operations, identity and key management, and threat intelligence. This ensures a solid foundation and helps safeguarding your environment as it grows and transforms over time.

How you can benefit from our Azure Managed Services?

  • Monitoring of uptime, service configuration and security.
  • Implementation and follow-up of architecture and security best practices.
  • Continuous improvement, both from a service and cost perspective.
  • Assistance and guidance in modernizing your infrastructure.
  • Licensing (optional).
  • Integration with Cloud Control - Security (optional).