Endpoint Management: we’ll help you to get it right!

The new way of working, accelerated by a new generation of workforce (millennials), a shift in work-life balance and the global reach of companies forces IT departments in delivering high efforts in maintain a status quo. How do you keep the balance between delivering and maintaining a high secure environment while providing a productive workforce?

The 4 pillars of our Endpoint Management service

A compromised endpoint provides near instant access to valuable company data. Keeping endpoints up-to-date, delivering the business applications, and keeping the user productive on their device, all whilst enforcing the necessary security measures creates various challenges for IT departments.


Through Microsoft’s solutions, you gain access to a wide array of capabilities, fueled by Microsoft’s expertise and billions of signals from devices across the globe. By intelligently leveraging that information through various cloud services, you significantly increase your security posture, reduce your attack service and increase the speed of delivery of applications and updates to (end-user) devices.


After initial onboarding, whereby we lay the foundation for securely enrolling and managing Windows, iOS, Android and macOS devices using MEM (Microsoft Endpoint Manager), our service has four (4) main pillars:

Pillar 1: Security baseline

Implementation and life-cycle management of The Collective proprietary Security Baseline(s), applied to all devices managed by the Service


The Collective security baselines are a suite of configuration items for the Operating System, M365 Apps (Office) and Microsoft Edge, intended to lower the potential attack surface on endpoints, and thus minimizing the risks associated with (cyber)security threats. These configuration items are based on industry recommendations and experience, combined with insights originating from our Security Operations Center (SOC). The baselines will be updated on a periodic basis to reflect current OS versions and threats.

Pillar 2: Proactive Monitoring and Alerting

(Pro)active monitoring and alerting on the security configuration/-state of devices


Through custom tooling and data gathering, we monitor both the management infrastructure (e.g. connector health, management certificates about the expire, etc..), as well as the state of the endpoints themselves (e.g. configuration drift/conflicts, custom inventory, patch management issues, compliance, etc..).

Pillar 3: Comprehensive insights

Comprehensive insights, through custom reporting, made available to the customer


Information gathered through custom monitoring is presented in a consistent manner through Power BI. The dashboard is available at all times, and provides both an overview on the overall health/maturity state of the endpoints, as well as detailed security related information of all managed devices.

Pillar 4: 3rd line support and training

3rd line support and training for the Customer’s IT department


We understand that it can be challenging for IT teams to stay on-top of recent endpoint management evolutions and threats. Therefore, as part of our service, we not only have regular service meetings to discuss strategic improvements, but we also act as 3rd-line support for all your Microsoft Endpoint Manager-related questions. In addition, we host monthly dedicated training sessions to present important changes and upskill your own team.

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