Manage your infrastructure in a hybrid, modern way

A rapidly growing digital world and a shift in the modern work experience is generating a lot of pressure on traditional data centers and their management. By leveraging resources on demand and a decreased complexity to manage modern workloads, the hybrid environment is the first step towards your data center of the future! The Collective is there every step of the way to guide you through automating, accelerating and securing your services.

Cloud Center of Excellence

Improve reliability, performance efficiency, security, maintainability and customer satisfaction


By using The Collective’s Cloud Center of Excellence framework, we make sure organizations are ready for cloud adoption and innovation. We help with non-technical and technical capabilities to balance speed and stability while pursuing the business objectives.

Thanks to this approach, IT serves as a broker, partner or representative to the business. We shift away from the traditional view of IT as an operations unit or abstraction layer between the business and IT assets.

Through the delivery of workshops, local IT teams are included from the beginning. As team practices mature, quality indicators will improve, including reliability, performance efficiency, security, maintainability and customer satisfaction.


A strong focus on all that security-related matters


From the start, we set a strong focus on all things security including elements such as security policies and standards, security architecture, compliance management, security operations, identity and key management, as well as threat intelligence. This ensures a solid foundation and helps safeguard your environment as it grows and transforms over time.


Azure DevOps


With our cloud automation approach, you will be able to rapidly deploy various platforms as required to support needed workloads. We design and create Infrastructure-as-Code building blocks that accelerate cloud adoption and reduce the time to market during mmigration or innovation efforts. Integration with Azure DevOps will make sure that continuous improvements and developments are possible.