Security, Compliance & Identity (SCI)

The Collective works with companies to help them secure their environment, align it with various laws and regulatory requirements and modernize their approach to identity management, all through Microsoft’s latest security and compliance solutions such as Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Sentinel, Azure Information Protection and Azure Active Directory. 


A secure environment. No matter what, when and where


In a world where hardly a day goes by without some kind of data breach or hack, it's important to align your cybersecurity strategy and efforts to keep your systems and data safe.


We will teach you how to identify, protect, detect and respond to threats. We are here to assist, guide and help you recover from attacks all while teaching your team the latest battle tactics and strategies.


How do you keep your data safe and stay compliant with the latest regulations ?


Securing systems successfully is one thing, keeping your data safe and complying with a multitude of legal and regulatory requirements another.


Whether you need to comply with GDPR, ISO or other frameworks and regulations, we help you design, implement and maintain a simple but effective compliance and data security strategy that works now and in the future.


Successfully managing the new security perimeter


In your journey towards Zero-trust, identity is the cornerstone of security. Whether it’s designing the necessary processes, ensuring a proper lifecycle, securing access and authorization, or helping automate these elements, we’ve got you covered.