Article 24 july 2022

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A secure and hybrid workplace

Only for the brave


Malicious actors don't keep a nine-to-five schedule and are continuously trying to find new ways to breach through one's security. Although Microsoft is responsible for securing their datacenters and services within, a customer is still responsible for securing their own environment.


The shift to modern security and endpoint management will, without doubt, be a major endeavor for every organization. Breaking with traditional ways of working and securing data, will take a lot of courage and preparation.





Guiding forward-thinking companies to a highly secure IT environment


The Collective is a highly skilled Microsoft partner with strong expertise in security, compliance and endpoint management.


Why should you keep looking for a solution on your own when you can count on the knowledge of experts? This question formed the basis for The Collective in 2018, a group of professionals, each with extensive expertise in a particular area of IT. Today, we stand together with our team to assist numerous companies in their quest for increased IT security, relying on the foundation provided by Microsoft’s cloud platforms.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people

Steve Jobs

For you, the focus should be (and remain) on running your business. We however, through our Managed Services.want to focus on managing and securing your environment.



Belgian Security Center


From our Belgian Security Operation Center (SOC), we use Microsoft’s latest innovations in security, automation, and artificial intelligence to monitor your environment, detect and respond to threats, and help you to continuously improve your overall security posture.





Managed endpoints


Cloud Control Managed Endpoints is a managed service whereby The Collective provides (on a continuous basis) tooling, insights and guidance to customer IT departments, in order to confidently build and maintain a secure work environment, no matter the variety of operating systems and devices.